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Applies for all Eurorally events, hereunder EuroRally, FuelRace and future events.

Eurorally coordinates various events in different locations in Norway and abroad. The intention is that Eurorally is responsible for seeing the events through on site. E.g. Participant gatherings, track-driving, ferry-transport, dinners, parties and other official checkpoints.

Eurorally has no responsibility for, and/or influence on how the participants travel between each destination, but we underline that Eurorally is NOT a race.

Eurorally encourages it’s participants to keep up to date on rules and regulation in the countries that are on our route, and behave accordingly, thus being good Eurorally- ambassadors at any given time.

It is of crucial matter for traffic safety that the participants act according to the laws that apply. Meaning that all participants is responsible for their own actions, and being law-abiding.

Eurorally takes no responsibility for occurrences that might arise during transportation between the different events, but reserves the right to deny participants to attend the various events if the participant acts contrary to Eurorallys interests.
This due to the fact that Eurorally relies on permissions and cooperation from local police and authorities. These permissions will be at risk for withdrawal if one or more participants acts irresponsibly and does not follow the current laws that apply.
Violating these laws may affect all participants during the event, as well as affecting future events.

All driving is done on the participants own responsibility, and Eurorally has no responsibility for the participants actions. In case of violation to current laws, regardless of which country it is in, the responsibility lies fully with the participant in violation of said laws.
Burnouts, or other endangering behaviour on the road which may lead to Eurorally being fined or sentenced as an organisation will be forwarded to the team responsible for this. This especially applies in all city-centres, display-sites and hotels during the event.
Racing between the Eurorally events is strictly forbidden, and will result in
disqualification and a ban from future events.
All Eurorally participants has a moral responsibility to act responsibly and mature during the entire event.

In case of vandalism (ferries, hotels, displays), the guilty party will be held
responsible for the economic consequences for all damage caused.

Depending on how bad the damage is, Eurorally reserves the right to exclude the participant from future events.
Other negative behaviour, such as bullying, intentionally offending other people, or humiliating people on social media will not be tolerated and will put the participant at risk for being denied access to future events.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is strictly prohibited. Each participant is responsible for their driver not violating these terms, in compliance with the laws in Norway.
Eurorally will at no point be responsible for participants breaking the law.

The participants are required to have a valid travel insurance, including current vehicle insurance.
In case of vehicle failure or other reasons for failing to continue the event, Eurorally is not responsible for recovery/transporting the participants of the vehicle.
Eurorally can not be held responsible for damage or theft that might occur to the vehicle during the event.
Eurorally can not be held economically responsible in case of hotel- og ferry
cancellations due to bankruptcy, extreme weather conditions, epidemic outbreaks, and similar unforeseen events.

Video and other media production from Eurorally intended for youtube, social media or other purposes must be submitted to Eurorally for approval before publishing.
Those who intend to produce such content must notify the Eurorally organizers about this in advance.

Participants MUST bring and show their passports for the trip.

By verifying that this document has been read when registering for the rally, the participant confirms that he/she has read and understood the content of the document, especially that driving is done at the participants own risk. Furthermore that he/she accepts that Eurorally reserves the right to filming and photographing during the event for use in PR, social media etc.

Make sure the participant list for your team is correct, and give us feedback as soon as possible if something is wrong.