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The Covid-19 pandemic made EuroRally events quite challenging, forcing us to make some drastic changes in the way we carried out our events.

As a result, FuelRace was born – and despite some struggles due to corona restrictions, the event was a major success, and will therefore be continued as an annual event.
FuelRace is similar to Eurorally, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Unlike EuroRally, FuelRace is kept exclusively within the borders of Norway.
This «inland-rally» gives you a unique chance to experience and (re)discover the many spectacular roads and destination sites this country has to offer.
FuelRace offers an experience you probably wouldn’t have given a second thought, but will never regret taking part of!

FuelRace 2022: 19.08.2022 – 21.08.2022
Molde · Trollstigen · Geiranger · Førde · Gaularfjellet · Vikafjell · Bergen

Entrance fee: € 400 / 4000 NOK per person, for registrations with minimum 2 team members.
· includes: 2 nights at hotel (with secure parking and breakfast), car decal stickers, car display and official FuelRace events (parties etc.)